My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday . It was a special birthday . The first birthday of mine in which i didn’t cut a cake . I think it sounds childish still it is the first time . I spent the day in velankanni . One of my cousin was getting engaged there  and we had to go there . All my relatives were busy with preparations and they almost forgot my birthday , i too didn’t want to divert their attention .  At last one good soul remembered my birthday and all queued up to wish me . Had to kneel down and get blessings from some 5 dozen people and it dozed off .

Some of my friends remembered my birthday . I was so happy to get calls from my college friends . Then i reminded some people about  my birthday (he he) . I then remembered all my birthdays till now , each and every one were something different and special .

Some friends from whom i expected didn’t wish me . Anyway we all forget birthdays . Thanks to all who wished and who didn’t wish .



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Lizze McGuire – My favorite tv serial

 Lizze McGuire       

                        Lizze mcguire is one of my favorite tv serial . The main character lizze played by hillary duff resembles most of the girls life , facing a lot of problems  . I had seen most of the chapters 4 to 5 times. I love all the episodes. Mostly all of them give away good  morals for all people .

                        I love the friendship between the three friends . I wish i had friends like those .

                        My next favorite character in the movie is  Gordo, he is one of Lizzie’s best friends, and has been since she was one day old . They share a cute friendship .

                         I and my friend discuss about the episodes daily . Now a days i am not able ot meet my friend daily , so let me log my comments about each episode i remember .
animated lizze
              Keka this goes out just for you . BTW her favorite characte is the animated lizze , she just loves her . The animated lizze is like her innerself reacting to all things she goes along . My favorite dialog of the animated lizze is

“DAD shield activate.. DAD shield activate .. oops as usual it failed 😦 “

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                Hello people,

          I had been very busy with my projects  . Many time i remembered blog but didnt know where to start . I think i lost my interest to blog . I  hope to get back my interest to blog .  If you think we can discuss any topic.. just post it ,  we can start discussing

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muchas gracias

Recently i am very much interested towards learning other languages . I am thinking of learning at least one new word in any other language everyday .
On of my interests being spain .. some words in Spanish today

Deseo que usted mismo – wish you the same
muchas gracias – thank you very much
Bienvenido – welcome

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The Disappearing car door

Lately i have been very much interested in cars . Check out the new “Disappearing car door” .

Disappearing car door

First i thought it was some kind of magic stuff, but after seeing the video i know that it is a science stuff . Another mechanism to open and close the doors . Quite impressive and sexy but it doesnt seem secure to me .

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47 lakhs to build a BUS STAND

                                      Today morning while i was on my way to office ,i could hear two people talking .
Person 1 : Yesterday while i was reading the dhinamalar paper i came across a article while said the cost estimate sanctioned for building the chrompet bus stop was 47 lakhs .
Person 2 :What do you mean 47 lakhs for just a bus stop .
Person 1 :I couldnt take it , i told my father and he was laughing about it
Person 2 : What ? Why?
Person 1: He said yes it happens , he has to give to all other people na, so he asks for so much money
Person 2 :IS there nobody else to build ?
Person 1 :This was the lowest of all it seems!!!!
Person 2 :#$@#%$#%^^
                            What i cant understand is for some dozens of asbestos sheets and pillars and of course some benches how which is it gonna cost ??
                            Probabily i dont know how much the cements, sand and iron pillars are gonna cost or even the cost for the workers still i cant imagine it to go up to 50 lakhs .
Is it the ,what i studied “BID FIXING” in which all the people who bid fix thrice or four times the actual rate and bid so much money , there by dividing the money later on among themselves.

                              I asked my friend “cant we do nothing about it?” he said “yes you can get a stay order if you want but they will show you the bills for every paise” .

Is this happening everywhere ?

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