Traditional Dressing competiton

Our company announced a traditional dressing competion for Pongal and the day before the big day in bus we all were excited about the announcement.

One of our HR came in our bus. He had excellent sense of humor . He said he will tell the costumes for all of us .

He told that Macintosh should come as a fish selling lady(meenkaramma) in saree with kosuvam and tied up to the knee .Her hair style : put a kondai in the left of her head and she is supposed to have beatel leaves in her mouth and should spit it out here and there often.

Next for our Big B, He should wear one lungi and a transperent red shirt which is full of wholes.(Not torn people) design . It is usually called “minor” shirt. He should come in a special meenbodyvandi(Vehicle used to bring fish) with a bedi in his hands. To imagine Big B in this costume was great , Sorry Big B but it does fit in you more than fomals .

Next the costume was fit in for our costume designer(HR). He would come in a minor shirt with a aruva (big knife) in his shirt (behind) and will take it from the shirt with a huge background music.

For mass , He is supposed to come in lungi and shirt and should koovify(shout) “Meenu meenu“, then we thought it is not up to the mark and we changed the dialogue to “fesu fesu“(fish in tamil slang)….

I and my friend (ammam guy) are supposed to so do the marketing it seems.

Actually this did not happen but had it happened it would have been great fun ,as just to imagine itself was so humorous.

We all just came normal to office the next day…. 😦


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