“from tommorrow a lorry only will come for u”…..

It was late evening and all of us were very tired…
We had to hurry up to catch the bus because if (by chance) it leaves, i cant imagine how i would go in the crowded bus..
I stopped by the first floor and saw through the window , one bus had already started . “Oh no ” i exclaimed and ran ran ran faster just to see AG(Aamma Guy) and Big B standing near the gate and having a chat.

AS i gasped for my breath , i asked them “Where is our bus” and they showed me our bus.It was standing still in its place and Macintosh had not come yet.(It is all as usual).
As we all got into the bus,Mass too joined us. The bus was filled and only the last seats were empty , so we went to the last seat.

From the left , first the AG and then Mass and them I was

sitting in the middle and the Macintosh took the whole right hand

side.. Big B was in the front seat of mass….

As the bus started we all were involved in some spicy talk and the bus went on fast .

Suddenly there was a big speed breaker in the road i think and the bus jumped over it…

All four of us in the last seat went up and came down.

Mass and AG had a big bang on the top of the bus .
They cried out in pain…

Luckly me and macintosh escaped …. As Big B was in a push back totally down, he did not reach to the top so he too escaped….

All of us burst to laughter…
It lasted for almost 5 mins…

As our facilities manager was around and we started to shout “We want seat belts, we want seat belts” asked him to provide seat belts with bus pass so that we wont get hurt , just then Big B came with an idea “A roofless bus” , i replied “yes i agree“.

Our manager was a clever man and he said “from tommorrow a lorry only will come for u“…..

Big B was quick to reply “we need mannu lorry so that i can get atleast a little effect of the push back” (FYI he cannot sit in a bus without a pushback)and atlast we came to a conclusion that we get a lot of ropes and tie ourself in it (Seat belt)…..

Our facilities manager was very pleased because hiring a lorry will be very much cheaper…..

But the aamma guy sweared not to sit in the corner of the bus thereafter he he…
But for macintosh wherever she sits , she is safe..

We all for once wished to be her height..


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