Adventures of Pumba and 50 Paise

        Last friday when we all were all going in the bus, there was heavy traffic in the road and all of us looked out into the street, it was a parade of a God on the road and a bulb suddenly lit up bright above Pumba’s head. (Who is this pumba??if this is your question read on otherwise skip this part.Pumba is one jolly going person.A perfect example for the saying “Hardwork yeilds”.)..
        Pumba got all excited to explain and from his enthusiam we can understand that it is about his best friend(At least in the bus) 50 Paise(50 Paise is the one who got the Best Rapper Award . If that introduction is not enough. πŸ˜‰ He is the person i am most afraid of in the bus. Why 50 paise as a sequel to 50 cent ).
        The two started laughing and gigling and we were “can someone please explain”
5 voluntiered to explain . Good , atleast now..
        Then as he started ,The story as explained by 50 paise,
I and Pumba , had to go for a good happening of our colleague,that is marriage . One of them were getting married .We are supposed to take the gift from the company to the bride and bridegroom. The marriage was supposed to start at 6.30 in the morning and I asked Pumba to get up 4 in the morning and be ready by 5 or 5.30 so that they can make it up in time. I too got up soon and got ready soon and went to Pumba’s place to pick up him and(as expected )he was late. After losing a lot of energy shouting , we at last started for the marriageYes you guessed it correct.. 50 paise was beating around the bush.. plz……...”As Pumba made himself comfortable with the Scooty, The two wheeler struggled to move. He(pumba) asked me to raise the accelerator and start moving and i said ‘machan adth thaan da panna try pandreen’
        Note:Some weight mismatch . Scooty was not able to take in the weight of both of them. the scooty went down in the back and the front wheel was rasing up…
I wont say Pumba was very heavy , I would say they should have taken any other vehicle.. Ok we use the available resource.

        “As we both started our journey , the maximum speed our dragon could fly was 35 Km/hr. As we went in our maximum speed , many times people around thought i was doing wheeling in the middle of the road πŸ˜‰ .
Aye poodhum pa… kadhaiku vanga
        “After so much trouble , we reached the mandabam safely “
U are safe, was your scooty safe???
There were no vehicles in the parking area.why?? Is the marriage over or is the parking area changed ?? We wondered and went in. Shocked to see the bridegroom with his tooth brush, we hid ourself and ran out . I then called my boss

me>hi boss , Good morning
boss> Good morning
me>Today our colleagues marriage Hmmmmmm… when are you coming boss
boss>6.30 sharp in the evening , I will be there.
(what evening ah…………..)…”
We broke out into laughter
“boss>is that ok… Where are you??
Me> Ok boss i too will come. Now me .. I am at home .
Boss> see u in the evening
Me> ok sure . thank you.

        That was the shock of my life , the next frightening thought was , how will i tell Pumba??.
Pumba immediately asked me What happened and i said to him
‘machan….come let us go the temple nearby
He he good one
        “Then again we went home and came in the evening fresh as if we were never there before
We all were totally laughing .Hmmmm worth it even if he was beating around the bush for some time…
        Many times this happens in our life na, we think we are all set and
ready for an occasion and at last we would realize we were too much
        Evening kalyanathuku.. morning aye prepared )


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  • 1. kirukkal  |  May 30, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    Sema comedy po..
    I couldn resist laughing reading this…
    Good one…

  • 2. pooh  |  July 13, 2007 at 11:32 am

    Really comical situation.
    Good one

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