Time has changed the meaning of Work..

August 3, 2007 at 1:49 pm 2 comments

        Sometime back , There was something called the white collar and blue collar jobs.

        The white collar job means the person actually doesnt need to work hard and blue collar jobs mean the person has to work hard for their living… People wanted to do less work and get a big salaries.

        Everybody preffered White collar jobs and there was a craze for it. Later there were Government and Private Jobs. Everybody preferred Government Jobs, the main reason would as they would say is “To earn in a Private job we need to work really hard and harder.. and in a Government Job we can enjoy “. 
        Some people will have no work in their office and feel happy for it and they used to take it as a badge of honor..

        Now the scenario has changed. You finish any degree and you can get into an IT company.What do they do,just hire and hire a lot of people and pay a lot of money and give no work.. It is referred to as “The Bench”.

One such developer and his father

Father:Good evening son,today you are very late…

Developer:yes father i am very tired.. How was your day dad??

Father: Had some work to finish , not yet completed will finish tommorow. How was your day Son?

Developer:Tiresome, had to spent the whole day chatting with friends

Father:What do u mean?? Then how will you able to complete your works my son.

Developer:What work are u talking about… We get work only once an year…

Father: You have no work and u get good salary ah cool…

Developer: What is cool u only work all day.. You get all the enjoyment.


Sitting in beach is fun for a month or two only.

         These people or developers in the bench find it really awe full to stay without work……. How do u called them “employed but unemployed“? or”In traing for lifetime“?..

However it be…. present needs became “work work we want work”

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  • 1. kirukal  |  August 3, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    Ha Ha Ha 😀
    Quite true…

  • 2. Seelan  |  August 13, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    சூப்பர் இப்படி நிரய பேர் இருக்காங்க எல்லா ஆஃபீஸ் லயும் 🙂


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