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May 25, 2007 at 4:59 pm 3 comments

        Pei padamnale yenaku romba bayam. paadhe neram kanna muditu thaan erupen. Oru ghost story paatha poodhum 4 naal thukam varaadhu, andha padathula vara pei enamomo thoratharathuku vera aal ellama enna penaleya vara maadhiri oru feeling.

        Adanale en anna aparam edhu therenja konjam friends ellam penaala paaru, side la paru nu enna appa appa bayamburuthuvanga.
Aparam endha  pei spellingla oru joke undu.. adhu “pai” ah “pei” ah nu .After a long (funny)diccussion i concluded that it is “pei”.

        Enaku pumba sonna oru thigil ksdhai ya ungaluku solla pooren….
eppa nari ullaiedura satham kekudha(ellana try to imagine ).
Night 12 ku pumba vettula yedho satham, “enna satham adhu nu” avar ezhundhu rooma vettu veleya vararu.

        Appo avaruku penala salanga satham keetucham. Udane avar pennadi therumbi patharam apadiye pogaia erundhu cham.

        Bayapadaatha namba pumba satham vandha thesaila ponaram, ketta pooga poogasatham perusacham “chal” “chal”,”chal” “chal” nu,

        kitta poi paatha, yaro yepavo vecha alaram thaan appadi “chal” “chal” nu adichicham. (Adukula poodum poodhum nu , na katha,paavam endha ponnu payandhuduchu nu nenacharo enamo,).

        Appa andha pogai mootama kelambunadhu enna nu than nanum yosichen,adhu screen nu mokai aakitaru namba pumba, seri avalavu thane kadha mudinjidhu nu paadha, ennum mudiyalen therumbi aarambichitaaru thigill kadhaiya.

        Sere solunga , adhaum thaan keepoom nu keka ready aanen.
Epppo pumba in the first floor. Night 1 mani, “tak”,”tak” edhu enna satham nu theriuma??? correct boots satham, yaaro steps la yeri varamaadhiri satham. pooi paatha pumba ooda close friend 50 paise.
Appa story poodhum.thangamudeyaleye hmm.. yarachum kaapaathunga nu naa yevalavu kathinaalum ,  yarum varale,pumba continued the story.
soory edhukumela tamil la kolapanna manasu varala. continued in a more understandable language.

            50 paise came to Pumba’s house at 1 in tha night and told Pumba,”machan romba bore adikudu da, adhuthaan vandeen”. oru maniku nalla thoongama oora suthara unga rendu peera pathiya kadhaya nu thaan keka thoonuchu. So both of them left to the jungle to get some air in a car. As they went on there was  a big tree in there . They crossed it and as they went , they saw the tree again behind them                 Pumba exclaimed ,”oh snap the tree is following us”.It is only after some time that they realized it was another tree and that tree was not following them.

        They had one happy moment and the next second they were shocked to see a women in white Saree in the middle of the road.Not wanting to hit past a ghost, they decided to stop and the lady had a jeep and the jeep was full of blood.
Oh no, now surely in trouble.The lady said ,” in the middle of my way i had hit a pig and i want to wash my car now it self, can you direct me to a workshop??”.

        Oh ok it is not a ghost they were happy and they asked her to come to Pumba’s house which has workshop in the backyard in which she can get her jeep cleaned.

        Do you know, this is called asking for trouble.
Hmm ok ,they lead her to his backyard and both the friends went into the house to have some water and when they came back the place was smoky and a sharp lightening fell on the place where they had left her .The lady missing….

        Guess what happened, the next house guy was her college friend so she went to meet him .
Yes , i too felt the same way as you are feeling now,
AS pumba continued, I some how pleaded him to end the story and by God’s grace he finished it.

        Today morning Pumba called me and said “I have one more story ..What do you say evening in the bus??”
I said “Enough of stories,that one itself was too good, please leave me” .But he seems that he had already  decided to tell a  ghost story to me this evening.. wu wu wu..

        May god give him more work so that he misses the bus today , so that i may reach home safely.. Please friends pray for me 🙂

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  • 1. Sri  |  November 8, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Katha onnum thigi ilaya.BUT VERRY NICE

  • 2. Xxx  |  May 22, 2013 at 1:40 am

    Author of the story ws son f bitch . , . Fucker .0,

  • 3. Ashok  |  May 8, 2015 at 11:49 am

    poda paradeshi


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