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    HE-MAN is my favorite favorite fictional character next to Spider Man. I remember watching it in my school days. We would never miss it.The theme music is really wonderful and super to hear with people shouting”HE MAN” .

   Recently it is being telecasted in CHUTTI TV and all the memories of the super hero has returned.

   Everybody seem to watch it, my elder brother and his friends,Mass’s friends ( though mass seems not interested in it). Today morning i asked about it to 50 paise and i could see the joy in his face after hearing the word “HE MAN”.

   As we start talking (with friends) about HE MAN’s introduction in tamil, every body is very much interested and talking about the tiger and ORKKO and sorcerer’s and had fun recollecting “HE MAN”.
   One of my friend said , ya i remember the hero with AMUL baby hair style, i wonder why she felt like that.

   The other nice part of HE MAN is the villains Skeleton, Beastman… The way skeleton laughs hmmmmmmm all make HE MAN my favorite one.

Now HE MAN theme music is my ringtone.. I am thinking about joining some HE MAN fans club 🙂

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what is Goshdarnit??? Thighil kadhai

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