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        Somedays back , when a interviewer asks you “what are the languages you know?” , people would say “English,Tamil,French,,,,” and the interviewer would have meant Technical languages, there were many jokes that became popular with this kind of situation, but now a days, the scenario has changed,if we ask someone on our road side (“ya, in the IT corridor”) ,”what languages you know?”, They are most likely to say, “Java” or “dot net”.

        The situation has changed so much, everybody wants to study some course in cs and come into “THE” IT industry.

        This Sunday i met my cousin who said he is doing a dot net course in NIIT for the one year after completing his degree.I asked him what else do you do(“i thought reading was a part time”). He said i am into studying dotNet and getting a job in a big company. (FLASHBACK)My mom got him a B.Com seat in Loyola with so much difficulty and this boy is into the craze of the IT industry .

        Yesterday one girl in my neighborhood gave me her resume and asked me to get her a job in my company ,
“i asked her what have you done ” and she said ” I am waiting for my results- Bsc physics”,

        Then i asked her “which languages do you know” , she said she knows some concepts of C language which she studied in her school, then i thought my cousin was so much better.I got so much angry and told her “if we get any vacancy i would forward your resume” and can you send me a email” and she replied she is yet to create one .

I asked her to send when she creates and left.

        Ok coming to the point
Does language has an impact on us?? I dont mean “English and Tamil” ,I mean Java and dotNet.
        Can you find any difference in the Java and dotNet programmers.
      One of my colleague pointed out that generally dotNet programmers are much more professional that Java programmers and as i thought about it . It seems partly correct .
        Might be a co-incidence, still it looks correct . I know some soft and quite proffessioal java programmers but they all have started as dotNet programmers and then came to the land of JAVA…

        There is definetly nothing like languages influence on us.. but sometimes we do see a co incidence

Note: Why the title is MOZHI , as the post is around languages. I wanted to put some image with people in the post and all by coincidence the image is one from the movie MOZHI. If you want to read the review of MOZHI.. READ HERE 🙂


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  • 1. Bala  |  May 23, 2007 at 3:34 pm

    Yep… IT has become a craze now, everyone wants to get into this field and those who are in here wants to get out.(provided they are given the same salary)

    Hey, I dont think so language will bring in professionalism at any cost. Let them be Java Programmers and or .Net programmers, it depends on the person’s attitude. It is kinda of a false notion, that .NET professionals seen so. But it is not so, Why we have that tendencey is .Net is more of an automated system. You shouldnt compare .Net programmers and Java ones, because .Net is a Framework, java is a language. In .Net most of the things are handled by the framework not by the programmers, here in Java people need to write every bit of code. So more chances of DEVIATIONS are here. So everything lies in the attitude.

    In words of Techie, Professionalism is PLATFORM INDEPENDENT

  • 2. followtheshadow  |  May 23, 2007 at 6:56 pm

    @ Bala

    Professionalism is PLATFORM INDEPENDENT

    I totally agree pa 🙂


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