Now it is THE BOX

April 12, 2007 at 5:03 pm Leave a comment

        Some times back, OK long back when I was in my 11 th standard my computer teacher told me . A PC is no longer called  a computer.

 ‘ It is now being called as the “SYSTEM” ‘

She told me and continued

‘If you say “computer”,”computer” people will think you are a biology student and know nothing about it (Other than watching movies and checking mail in it)’

BTW i don’t say biology students don’t know about computer’s , Sorry SYSTEM’S . Now a days they are too in line.

Getting back to the topic , I read a article about some software where the writer says ,

“install it in your box”

Box??????? Ya, system…

Even today while surfing through the net i saw some tech people referring to the computer as a “BOX”

So the system is now changed to the “box” is it??

Who changed it and why ???

As a direct translation to Tamil is it a “Dappa”

Hmmmmm……. this sounds cool too……….

“Check out your box”

“Start your box”

“Install in your box”

“shut down your box”

“Have fun with your box”

“Congrats for the new box”

“Treat for the new box”

he he 😉

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