First Impression..

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I know now all of you will remember the saying ,”first impression is the best impression” . I guess everybody is caught up in this.. I had always heard people saying, “naa unnapathi appadi nenachen aaanaaa..” ( I thought you are like this and that at first but now…) .

One girl in my street told me that she thought i was a rude,arrogant and moody person and she found that was totally the opposite , very funny ,very kind and very helpful.. (Hope she doesn’t read this ..)

Anyway I will tell you the first impression on some of my friends…

I first saw her in a restaurant when she and her friends were in a conversation and she was the one (little) out of the crowd.. talking and getting a lot of mokkai(nose cuts) for all in their gang.. She got all her facial expressions on when she is talking. I thought very friendly and studious girl.. I really thought she is a kind of brainy girl… Of course most of it are true other than the last part.. He he .. Just kidding, she is really a cute little intelligent girl..

The first time i saw her , trust me i she was little more than a statue… She was a silent spectator in most of the conversations . I thought she didn’t like the environment at first but then i started ragging her now and again just to make her feel comfortable… Now she is always ready to give you a nosecut.. He He She is a sweet girl and she likes helping out people…

I should tell you , I thought she was a gang leader of a ragging group. They move as a group and all way through they will keep ragging all people on the way . I didn’t want to become friends with them but she turned out to be a very sweet character . Should say bold and responsible and commanding.. She was always ready to throw back, anything thrown at her and she became my best friend with all her wits she was very much caring in understanding.. A Practical person… Missing u ..


The first time i saw her in a meeting and before the start of the meeting she was standing alone in a corner . We got introduced in a very offical way, I went up to her and said “Hi,I am Olive”, She replied “Hi, i am pooh..” and then “which college??”… I thought she was a typical first bench girl and she was the same . She is quick to take (the right)decision and sticks by it .

The first day i saw her, she was a very cool girl , not afraid of things and people . She usually had a lazy look on her if asked about any homeworks or things like that . I thought she will be a delay in any event , but she happened to come first most of the time . She happens to be one role model for everyone. One person for whom i am sure no one can say a bad comment..
Sulo says ,”pleasing face,pleasant smile,convincing words,self confident,bold,clear thoughts,positive attitude ” define her and Teddy says “I think tat she is balanced not overjoyed nor depressed…. then honest, helpful”..

I wonder what they will say about me… I guess better not to ask…. 😉

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