Mug-Up Mangamma

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Reaching out: Chennai slum children script film

She has been nicknamed Mug-Up Mangamma because all she does the whole day is mug up her lessons.

But how much is Mangamma actually learning? Nothing is the answer.

Yet across government schools and tuition centers this is what happens – mindless memorizing and the occasional caning.

Frustrated with this system, some children from the slums of Chennai scripted, directed and acted in this film Mug-Up Mangamma and it is even being screened abroad.

Helping hand

Trained by an NGO Nalandaway, the little film-makers are showing the world a thing or two – literally.

person looks at it as a need to create more fun in education, another
person looks at this as a tool to prevent corporal punishment in
schools,” said Sriram V Ayer, Founder, Nalandaway.

It is a
refreshing children’s perspective and highly impactful too. One of the
kids, Sandhya, told NDTV that her teacher watched it and now actually
stops to ask her and the other kids if they have actually understood
what she has been teaching them.

“It is much better than before,” said V Prabhakar, Student.

Mug-Up Mangamma
is finally taught Newton’s third of motion by a senior student with the
help of these fruits. For the first time she understands and is
immediately nicknamed ‘Pick-up Mangamma’.

It is just one of
eight honest films made by the very children, who might be poor but
full of talent and wanting to make a change.

People still continue mugging up in schools. I would say , the some teachers ask their students to mug up and so this happens..
Till my 10 th standard i studied in a CBSE school and i can never mug up and when i joined a State-Board school in my XI th , I never used to get full marks even if i write the answer correctly and my teachers would say u have not written from the book . She said she expects the “is” and “was” as in the book…
don’t know how it started but generally people who mug up are called “mug up Mangamma” . The word Mangamma is some how associated with so many things …. wonder why???

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