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Jerusalem means ‘the city of peace.’.All i remember when i hear Jerusalem is that the “The promised temple was built in there….. ” . It is special place and very close to my heart.

God had chosen David to build a huge temple for God in Jerusalem but as David fell into Sin , It was King Solomon who finished the temple..
It is said that it began to be considered a city of significant regional importance only after it was conquered by the Israelite King David.
As we pronounce this word “Jerusalem”, it is so majestic and huge.


According to the History
1000-961 (reign) – King David establishes Jerusalem as Capital of United Kingdom of Israel.
The area is also sacred to Christians because the “coenaculum” or room of the Last Supper is located nearby.
He brought the Ark of the Covenant to the city, and Jerusalem became the political and spiritual nexus of the Jewish people. David refrained from building the Temple, leaving the task to his son Solomon. The concentration of religious ritual at the Temple made Jerusalem a place of pilgrimage and an important commercial center.

If you are in Chennai you are sure to know a college by that name here. Jerusalem Engineering College.. JCE for short . For people who don’t know about it , It is a great college and for people who know about it, We know the best so leave it.

Jerusalem College

When my brother joined this college, my dad thought it is a great Christian college and he was very happy that my brother joined that college . After six months my dad asked my brother if any spiritual activities going on and my brother said he couldn’t see anything of that sort happening. My dad thought might be by Christmas , but nothing happened and then might be by easter , still nothing happened and then we knew that there is no connection between Christianity and Jerusalem college(true..)..
Even my uncle from far of place had made his son join Jerusalem thinking that his son will grow spiritually leaving all the best colleges in their home town… These two are not the only people fooled , there must be more people …………..

Ya, sometimes the names doesn’t mean anything but still i find the students from that college are very good and friendly. I am happy atleast that it is bringing out people more blessed. The people i met from Jerusalem were so cool and helpful and talented and enthusiastic and what not ….

FYI Teddy and Sulo my best friends are from that college only and “the aamma guy”(Trend) tooo…….

Wish institutions find a apt name for them 🙂

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