Where is the value for life…

February 19, 2007 at 5:38 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday when we were discussing about my bus, my neighbor told me an incident that brought tears in my eyes.
He  said one day in the GST Road ,a swift car was going and someone threw a baby from the car into the road and all the vehicles which were coming after the car had ran over the baby and the swift went away swiftly,Even we feel so much pain for small things , how would the 6 months baby felt…
If you don’t like to have the baby leave it so someone, there are so many without children and there are so many orphanage or so many dustbins….. should a baby be killed so harshly… most probably by its relatives.
Just then aunt interfered and said that there was a baby found dead and its flesh fully eaten by ants in a dustbin..
i cant stand one ant bitting me, imagine a group of ants eating you .
Oh god are there people killing babies in so harsh ways ..
To top it all , I got a mail which says in someplace they are killing babies to eat them….(With photos).
Are these people insane????
Almost every day i get a mail with cute babies in cute cute dresses and all my colleagues seem to enjoy them and how can someone kill this cute creature..
Where is the value for life… 😦

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