“I am glad you are back”

February 15, 2007 at 6:00 pm Leave a comment

On a monday last month ,I was not able to connect to the internet.

Actually the link light in my modem was not on, I first thought that it

may be due to some traffic problem and I dnt know what to do without

the net and switched off my system..
The problem remained the next day too and i reported to the BSNL

office. The receptionalist or the callcenter guy asked me to follow two

wires and i did, “one should be conected to the phone and another to

the modem” he said , i followed them carefully and replied that they

are in place . He then said we are registering your complaint and 

action will be taken immediately.
That saturday i called him again and asked him about the complaint….
Now again he asked me to look for the two wires, i said i already

checked it, he asked me to check again…
So, i checked again and reported they are in place and he said we will

look for it..
The next week also we did not get any response, this time i asked my

dad to talk to him . My dad was also asked to check the same thing it

seems and my dad had taken nearly one hour to find out and check and he

too got the same response…..
Then the guy asked us to bring the modem to their office and my dad

took leave and went to the BSNL office and showed it and my dad was

told that he had not paid the bill the before month and so the

connection was not given .
My dad then questioned them , “how was the phone connection live then”.

That night they had cut our phone line…
For the next two days my dad and I searched the proof bill that we had

already payed it and atlast found it safe in the shelf.
My dad again had to take a day off and went to the BSNL office and

showed the bills and they oppologised and promised to restore the

connection .
That night our phone connection was restored and i expected the net

connection by the next day  and it didnot happen …
what to do now…
Again we call the BSNL guy and reported the trouble, you know what he

did, again asked me to follow the wires , i got frustrated and told

them i already checked and he said “probabily while cleaning your house

, you would have removed connection”,I replied “We never clean our

house and it is all in its place ” .
Another two weeks went calling this guy and complaining and this time

my mom followed the wires and the guy came to the same conclution that

we need to bring the modem to the BSNL office and my mom went there

taking a day off and then the officer there found out the net

connection was not restored at all and only the phone connection was

restored and he had appologised it seems.
I dnt know why people are so much lazy to do their work.
Atlast last night we got the net connection.As i switched on the system
the link light was blinking and it glowed brightly , I was so much

happy to see the link light on….
I told to it, “I am glad you are back”

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