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        Now a days i find so many fastfood centers in and around the city,
You may say “nothing unusual man”
but u see, now a days i see, more crowd in these fastfood centers.
Until few yrs bac, these fastfood centers were not preferred by many people but
tats not the scenario any more i guess.
What must be the reason behind the increase in the demand for fastfood and its growing popularity ??
1) Do we like that food very much ?(Na….. it is our second option always)
2) Are they prepared in an hygenic surrounding ?(Who am i kidding ?!)
3) Are we too old to carry heavy lunch boxes ? (Very much huh ?!)
4) Are we becoming too very fashionable to carry lunch with us ? (But no problem in eating there)
5) If staying in a hostel , how can we cook ?(to cook u need to have done a 6 years cooking course is it ??)

Its reasonably fair if you one is having food once in a while
in fastfood centers , but eating in these places regularly, or even worse, daily,
causes obesity and many more diseases tat disturbs our bidy-metabolism.

So, friends take care

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