Hats off to the IndianArmy

January 8, 2007 at 12:50 pm Leave a comment


For the past three days i have been seeing a huge crowd sitting in a ground on my way to work.
The crowd included young men as well as elderly people(Probably their parents) with a huge baggage.
There were cops all around the place. I saw the cops lathi-charging the crowd.
I asked my dad what was going on.
My dad said “the army is recruiting people and people from all over TamilNadu are here for the selection process ” .
I felt so excited . I am basically very patriotic.
In my childhood days i wanted to join the army and fight for India and i wanted to die in the war saving some people
and i wanted my last ritual being done with the national flag on my coffin….
That dream of mine had failed miserably now.
My uncle in army said that i would not be selected as i am underweight
And also he said that i will be asked to do a lot of work .My God!, that never suits me.And I dropped.

Still it is great that there are so many people willing to take the pain
and guard us.
I can still remember the power and confidence i saw in their eyes today morning,
even after waiting for three days ,i don’t know if they had food and place to sleep.
(My father told they must have been on the queue since a day before,
so that they get called for the selection committee soon).

Among millions of persons who were running after money to a foreign land, there are still lots and lots of people
proud to be selected in the army and serve the nation.
Hats off to you…


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