A Good HeadAche Cure

January 4, 2007 at 4:25 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday night while returning home
i had a heavy head ache,
my bus dropped me in my usual stopping.
From there i had to cross the main road and go home.

Crossing the road in my place seems to
be the toughest.
Usually a Traffic Police man would be
there to help me cross at least one side of the road ,
unfortunately on that day that is yesterday he was not there.
I was standing in the left hand side corner of the road for about 5 minutes
and i was not able to cross the road,
People next to me where crossing happily
but i was very much afraid to cross the road.
Just then a lorry came to my rescue,
I crossed hiding behind the lorry and i was standing in the median .
Now have another half road to cross now. There were so
many people near me who wanted to cross
but all were in bike, given a little space they would flash away,
so i decided to wait for the road
to be totally free for me to cross.
All of us were looking to the left of us
and there was a little break in the chain of traffic
and the bikers rolled on and
i saw a old lady running to the center of the road
trying to cross and
saw a bus coming fast at her in the right corner of the road
and she was running backward and
another one lorry coming behind her
i reached out to her and
caught her hand and pulled her back and
she came back and her face told me how scared she was.
She caught my hands with both of her hands
and closed her eyes as
i held her tightly and helped her cross the road.
When we reached the other end she was so
so happy , she was telling “thank you thank you .
May god bless you with all the abundance of the earth “.
I too thanked her and left.
I felt so so happy and the head ache i had for the past
three hours were gone….

Next time i get head ache i think
i should go to the main road and
find someone whom i can help to cross the road
and help her/ him and get it off my head..
What do u say??


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