What do i say when someone asks me “What is your area of excellence”????

December 31, 2006 at 5:38 pm 2 comments

All of us wish to become something something( i mean just the carriers).
I too wanted to be
a good human being
a super singer(not the airtel program)
an elegant dancer
a great sportsman
a motivating teacher
Tech geek.
Very limited dreams na ,ya of course only 6. I couldnt even achieve one of these but i did make friends with people who actually achieved my dreams.

I admire Pat very much. Actually pat is my neighbour , we never talked to each other or did i see him before until recently my friend introduced him to me.( that is a one was introduction ) while he was going in the car. He is one of the singers in our church choir.He got a job in US and is currently in US . He had come to India for his winter vacation. My God ! you should see the difference in the choir before and after the he came down here . I should say brillant , marvallous , wonderful….. He has a great voice. He jumps up and down when he sings, man a lot of energy in him . I told him “the choir rejoices and is splended after you had come”, and he replied “aye chumma solaraga pa” . He replies to you so softly and a little scene(Like peter in tamil). That comes with you when you are good in something.
A superb singer.
She is an excellent dancer.She is my collegue.On saturday i saw her dance, i was amased, she was simply suberb. The way her hips and hands and legs and eyes and legs moves , one can watch it for hours without blinking the eyes.
A elegant Dancer
Mahesh Sir
He is my athelitics coach.He trained me in my college. I am actually a hundred meter dasher and he is too so he trained me saying, this is my girl iam gonna teach her all i know. His coaching session will drain me out fully but all for good , i got many medals. He actually is a great motivation factor to me.He encourages well and makes training much more fun to work with him. He is a great athelete, he runs like the wind so fast and so smooth Just to watch his leg move is itself splended.
A great sportsman
John Sir
I really like him a lot.My college Proffessor. Many of my class friends are afraid of him, but he has been encouraging me very much. In my ups and downs and when i felt lost he guided me very much. He talks about my positive points to all my friends and teachers and call me to tell me wasy to improve .When ever i won he felt double the happiness that i got.The way he teaches us also was the apt way for students to learn.I am always thank you for you sir.
An encouraging teacher
He is too my colleague.One of the most good human being i have ever seen.He is so much helping, helping to the core. if he knows we are in trouble he comes in rite to help us , without even we asking him.Someone always ready to help and someone you can trust. He is a super coder too, I mean he is a super programmer still his other quality is what i like the most. A great human being.
He is one of my best friends in college .Talk to him and you will know why i am writing about him here. He knows so so many things, so many technologies , things about handling situations and i ofter wonder what is that he doesn’t know.He is the most coolest guy i had ever met. His talents not been acknowledged still. One day it will surely be.
A great student or tech geek .

I am good in all these six fields but not the best in any of these. I have my leg in all of these but not the flag of anyone .
“Jack of all trades, master of nothing” .

Still i am happy i found people who are the best in my dreams and i am happy that they are all my friends


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