Mordern Suyamvaram

December 26, 2006 at 1:41 pm 2 comments

Have you heard the word ‘suyamvaram’ when i searrched for this word in google , all i could get is about tamil matrimony and all about the FILM suyamvaram.
I guess most of you know the meaning of the word.For people who dont know about it.
In the past when the father of a princess thinks the girl is ready for marriage , he invites all the Prince from all land for a suyamvaram . They all wait for the Princess to come and show her face.Then there is a brief introduction about each of them for the princess and there are competitions for the Prince for proving their strength mostly bending the bow or shooting the eye of a fish which is rotating in the ceiling by seeing the reflection in the water on the floor.
After all this is over , it is then the princess turn to select one of them. Then the decision totally comes from the princess or her family and she decides her better half .So, in the past it was the girls decision …… our culture has remained same from those days to these days just little adjustments and fine tunings in one or two points.So, how is it done these days, to give u a clear picture let me say it is similar to getting a job.

First we have to see in the papers and check if we are interested to join sorry to marry that person and then find out if we are eligible i mean height , weight, color etc, etc, and then first send out our resume( Profile) to them of course with photo. Then if we get a call letter get ready , (Here no need to run around with certificates probaibly with sweets, coffee…….).If you are a boy then just get ready and go and if you are a girl then it is little tough . Here stands our culture yes, still the boy goes to the girls house….( see i tild u our culture remains)Get ready with heavy saree and jewels,then is the first round….with aptitude questions Do u have thid and that ,know this, that, your background , what do u expect and of course here is it assumed u stay with them life long so no bond and all.
If you are tooo good u get selected in the first round otherwise there is a second round(GD) and third round (Technical) probabily any ther day by relatives and friends. And You need recommendation letters to support you.then the two major characters talk (HR round) .Once selected just as in companies anything may happen so …..
So be careful….:)


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Until recently .. 2007-“THE YEAR OF THE PIG”(Chinese calendar)?

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  • 1. Anonymous  |  January 12, 2007 at 11:16 pm


    Google is the best search engine

  • 2.  |  May 2, 2007 at 10:08 am

    Mordern Suyamvaram

    In the past when the father of a princess thinks the girl is ready for marriage , he invites all the Prince from all land for a suyamvaram .
    Read on


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