New Chief Justice Of India

December 23, 2006 at 4:12 am 5 comments


President APJ Abdul Kalam has approved the appointment of Justice KG Balakrishnan of the Supreme Court as the next Chief Justice of India.K.G. Balakrishnan (62) , the senior most judge of the supreme court is mad e the 37 th Cheif Justice of india . This happens once a cheif justice retires and i always find the cheif justice of india having the most easy job, if any politian or a big shot is found guilty and sentenced to jail and the same case is come to him, he have to say that the witnesses are not enough to prove the person is guilty and have to free that person from all charges. This is been happening for long and changes in the laws can only make this situation better.
But the brighter part here is Mr. K.G.Balakrishnan is the first Chief justice of india belonging to the Scheduled Caste . There were times when SC people were not allowed to come to city and to the temple . Even now i find SC people not equally treated with others caste people , not allowed to sit and have food with other people in the same table .
I think India is now slowing cutting across the many barriers between the people ;
Three cheers to India
Three cheers to our President


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  • 1. JV  |  December 29, 2006 at 3:06 pm

    But I have noiced that often Chief Justices of SC are appointed at very late age and soon they retire from the post. This CJ is also of almost retiring age , let us see how long remains on the post.

  • 2. followtheshadow  |  December 30, 2006 at 1:58 am

    that is a valid point JV, Lets what what happens 🙂

  • 3. Mr.S.Girijashankar B.Sc.B.L  |  June 18, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Most revered Chief Justice of India,
    I am a practising Advocate in Karnataka at Bangalore for over 7 years,after my retirement from Central Govt. Service. I wd seek ur kind permission to bring to ur kind notice that I am very personally aware of a Criminal Case relating to mass murder of a leading Criminal Advocate along with more than a dozen members of his family way back in 1954-55 at Gandhinagar, Bangalore,when I was just abt. 15-16years old. My late father was in the State Police Investigating Team at the relevant time at a junior level as a Sub-Inspector,who retired from Service on May25,1972. He had been telling our close family siblings very confidentially that one of the convicted persons,who was also hanged, was honestly innocent and he was a witness to police manipulations then under orders of a Senior level Police Officer heading the investigation of this case,which agonised him all along for the rest of his life.He couldnot have divulged the manipulative tricks adopted by the Team Head to implicate this particular innocent victim of gravest injustice in our entire process involving both the Police and the Judiciary upto the highest level,since the Apex Court confirmed death sentences awarded to three convicts in this case,of whom,my late father was personally aware that one of them was in no way connected to the commission of the allegedOffence under Art.320 of the I.P.C. then.The Officer heading the investigating Team adopted the following unethical means to pin down the innocent Accused to the Crime,as revealed to us,his children after my father’s retirement till his death in 1996 and was feeling highly ‘guilty’ to the Police Manipulation and was “daily praying God,admitting that ‘he was answerable to God'”.I have to state that he was saying this repentant sentence everyday.
    The three accused[and all later convicted and sentenced to death] were initially fed with Oil-fried Bajjis for ensuring that oil stains in their palms wd. not so easily fade away and then asked them all top “move the steel Almirahs seized from the house of the the then famous Criminal Lawyer Belur Srinivavasa Iyengar,after the crime and kept in police custody to a different place”, which the three accused obeyed, little knowing the dirty tricks employed by Police then. The finger prints so obtained were forensically proved to belong to each of these three men,which in investigation proved fatal to ONE man among them.
    I am now a practising Advocate and I strongly feel that I should bring this fact “leading to award of death sentence to an innocent man,finally., to your kind personal notice for such action as may be deemed fit and proper.
    I hereby clarify that I am only sharing my deep concern about our Systems of Investigation by Police for misleading Judiciary in INDEPENDENT INDIA.
    I hasten to add and respectfully submit that I have not exaggerated/added/subtracted any thing from the facts stated above and was just quoting verbatim my late father’s words,who spent his post-retirement life feeling “most guilty” and nothing more.
    Kind Regards,

  • 4. Mr.S.Girijashankar B.Sc.B.L  |  June 19, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    An error in citing the correct provision of I.P.C. in my earlier statement has inadvertantly crept in:Section 302 ought to be there in place of the incorrect Provision cited earlier. Rest of the issue remains unchanged.I apologise for the gross error.

  • 5. equlity before law  |  February 14, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    in a country like india all are equal before law but there is difference in law on the basis of hindu and muslims. for example muslims has there on law called muslim personal law but a common law for non-muslims
    why in a democratic country like india where every one is equal before law and enjoys same rights one is called minority ? is this word suit any sect. in india to be called as minor?


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