Remember Your Dreams

December 21, 2006 at 5:13 pm Leave a comment


Dreams are the only thing in which we can do what ever we want. It tells us the deepest desire within us. I love dreams .Anything not achievable ,i just dream that i achieved it.It helps us to imagine the unbelivable things and motivates us to achieve them.
It is been said that our brain never sleeps and that daily we have dreams.Only some mornings do i wake up and remember my dream on that day. I feel i had an exciting dream but i don’t remember it. People say “Dreams are a way for the subconsious to communicate with the consious mind and it is the brains way of helping you to rehearse for a disaster incase it occurs“…
Want to know how to remenber your dreams, here are some tips:

* Incube an idea: think about something or some person you would like to dream about.
* keep track: write about the dream you remember like hints and keep track of it daily
* try to awaken naturally: People never get awakened by an alarm or something like that . Try to get up naturally and close your eyes and liein the bed for sometime after you get up.
* change the outcome: if u are getting nightmares then try to change the ending. try to get the positive resul out of it. Like if you are traped try to fly. It is only your dream
* Be patient: try these things and practise daily……………
the last point is a valuble advise for everything…


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